Latest Projects

Our dedication to superior customer service and a high work ethic have earned us the respect of our clients and of others in the remodeling industry.

Every Inch of Space

The laundry room in this house was updated with custom cabinetry to take advantage of all the available space. From a lifestyle perspective, we created an armoire with a drop down surface for folding clothes and a hanging bar for shirts and jackets. The drawers can be used for storing detergent and laundry products or folded clothes before they are put away in the upstairs closet. The upper cabinets offer storage for household items that would take up excess space in the kitchen pantry. When the doors and drawers are closed everything is out of sight.

Doubling Up

The floor plan for this house almost doubled in size. The Post War ranch was completely redesigned and a new kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom, and sun room were added. By opening the floor plan we created a combined living room and kitchen with plenty of space for entertaining friends and family. The front porch and sunroom are places to connect with nature, have a private conversation while entertaining, or just relax. Everything was designed with our client’s lifestyle in mind.

That’s Entertainment

This project was designed around our client’s love of music. The main focus of the project was to build an entertainment system that was esthetically pleasing and maximized storage for the homeowners collection. In the end we had space for over 2000 CD’s and hundreds of records.

Staircase Facelift

As part of a larger remodeling project, we renovated the staircase for this home. The original handrail installed by the builder wobbled and was not secure. The rail, treads, newel posts, and balusters were all replaced giving the staircase a unique distinctive look that is solid support for our homeowners.

Inside Out

A wall of sliding doors connects the indoor living space with the outdoor patio creating an ideal area for entertaining friends and family. A beverage center away from the kitchen allows guests to serve themselves without having to navigating the activities happening in the kitchen. The house was expanded with an addition that created a comfortable family room and a private second floor bathroom. It’s a space for leisure that’s connected to the everyday living space that improves the client’s lifestyle.

Private Outside

The outdoor kitchen and pool are the highlights of this secluded outdoor living area. There is a view everywhere in the yard and a space for entertaining whether it’s on the pool deck, in the shade under the deck or grilling in the kitchen. The deck forms an unobstructed entertainment area that connects the living room, kitchen and dining room inside with the outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living

Enjoying the outdoors is now part of every day living for our customer.  A barbecue is right outside the kitchen with an outdoor living space that blends with the inside.  Entertaining family and friends is easier than ever.