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Designed for You™



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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling
Designed for you™

In design there is the process side of how and why we do the things we do and there are the outcomes.  We have two key outcomes that we are striving for in the design phase of the project:  a great looking design for the project that is functional for our client and educating our clients about the options that are available to them.  In today’s market there are a myriad of options available to our clients and each project is unique.  Because we remodel homes instead of building them, we are creating a space that is specific for that homeowner.  We want them to be familiar with the options that are available and the advantages or disadvantages to any given selection.  What is shown in a glossy magazine may be neither cost effective nor stylistically consistent with the home.  What our client’s show us in inspiration photos often has to be adapted to the specific space.  The design is also about educating our clients about what is available, what will and won’t work with their home, and paying attention to the costs along the way.

The final element of the design is actually the form and function of the kitchen or bathroom.  While this is the ultimate goal, as you can see there are a number of elements that go into it.  Kitchens and bathrooms are work spaces in a home.  They are also the two rooms that are used almost every day.  If the bathroom isn’t designed well, doesn’t have a space for your toothbrush and curling iron, it’s something that you’ll notice every morning.  A properly designed space that is aesthetically pleasing makes the morning routine a bit easier and more enjoyable.  Calm colors might be in order or it could be a bright accent wall.  The styling might be traditional with marble and detailed moldings or it might be more contemporary with slab style cabinet doors.  Designed for you™ and the way you live.  Designed for you™ in the style that excites, sooths … that you love.