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How do you want to live in your home?

At some point, you realize, you’re living in a home designed for someone else’s lifestyle. Maybe you bought your home planning to renovate. Or maybe it took living there a while to discover that the kitchen counter isn’t where you need it (or big enough)—or your bathrooms just aren’t capable of getting everyone out of the house on time in the mornings. Your house may have been perfect for the first people who lived there, but the way we live today, even if it’s only been 10-15 years, has changed.

Years ago, kitchens and bathrooms were utilitarian spaces tucked away from living areas. Today, kitchens serve multiple roles as the hub of family life and an extension of our entertaining space. And bathrooms have become private spa-like retreats where we can get ready to take on the world and unwind from daily events.

Every project is ultimately about the lifestyle our clients want to create. One of the biggest lifestyle evolving factors, especially in kitchens, is the constant invention and improvement of appliances. If you live in an older or historic home, your kitchen may actually predate many of the appliances we take for granted like dishwashers, microwave ovens, and larger refrigerators. We frequently see homes like this where the kitchens have been modernized over the years (often in multiple phases by different homeowners). Everything is there—but it feels cramped and doesn’t function well. By learning more about what’s important to our clients and how they want to live in their new spaces, we can rethink and design the space to function in a way that supports the kind of lifestyle they want.

a few of the ways our clients’ lifestyles have guided us in designing their dream homes

The busy lifestyle

Pretty much everyone fits this category at some point or other. So, we always like to understand how our homeowners plan to use the rooms we’re designing in order to build in efficiencies and convenience. That might include something as simple as locating storage for items close to where they’ll be used. Or creating separate work areas so that shared space works for everyone and supports being together.

Kitchen command center

This kitchen is open and roomy with an island that serves as a breakfast bar in the morning and a homework station in the afternoon, complete with electrical outlets for computers and phone charging. It’s a central hub for family gathering and planning. Whether it’s an extension of the family room or located nearby, these kitchens are designed to bring people together and allow activities to flow seamlessly from one space to the other.

Multiple Chefs in the kitchen

With the popularity of cooking shows, everyone can imagine themselves as a bit of a chef. Meal prep may be done individually by different people, as a team sport, or maybe each person has their own specialty. We dig into the flow of mealtime to create workspaces that actually work in the overall design and for the people who use them.

The healthy living

Twenty years ago, families longed for pantry shelves to store chips and other easy to grab snacks. Now, there’s a growing demand for healthier treats like fruits and vegetables. So, we look at incorporating convenient prep areas and refrigerators with storage features that keep these fresh healthy options front and center and make them easy to choose. Placing a smoothie bar near the freezer is another option for supporting the healthy lifestyle.

Entertaining at home

Gone are the days of the kitchen (and the cook) being sequestered out of sight and away from the action. For people who love entertaining, kitchens have become centers of social engagement. These welcoming spaces incorporate plenty of guest seating around the kitchen island where hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and lively conversation become one with meal prep.

Inside out

Connecting indoor with outside living spaces instantly transforms the feel and function of your home. Entertaining takes on a new dimension with guests flowing from your kitchen or living room out to the grill or kitchen and open air dining table. And for families with young kids, being able to see the play area from the kitchen delivers a lot more freedom and peace of mind.

Well-designed bathrooms make life better

We build beautiful bathrooms. With every project we’re looking at the most efficient way to use the space, upgrading fixtures, and replacing outdated plumbing. But our specialty is making sure that beautiful design aligns with our homeowners’ lifestyle. A well-designed bath makes daily routines easier, more enjoyable, and helps save time in the morning and evening.

Here are some ways our homeowners’ lifestyles have inspired our designs

Spa experience

Lots of homeowners want a relaxing escape from the outside world and stress of the day. In these cases we incorporate things like luxurious showers and soaking tubs, heated floors, controllable lighting, soothing colors, (maybe even a steam shower) to create a private oasis.

Multiple kids

When kids share the same bath, separating the toilet from the vanity and bathing areas cuts down on the wait time. Drawer-pull step stools are both functional and space saving. And double vanities with multiple hooks allow kids to get ready for school (or bed) at the same time and gives them a spot to hang up their towels.

Aging in place

Universal design features allow homeowners or aging parents to safely stay in the comfort of their own homes longer. These more accessible baths include a mix of wider doorways, open floor space, slip resistant flooring, adjustable fixtures, walk in showers with shower seats, grab bars, and storage that’s easy to reach.

Smart technology

From voice control lighting to touchless faucets, to heated floors and toilet seats, smart bathrooms are becoming more and more popular for making time in the bathroom more enjoyable and efficient. Smart showers automatically deliver the perfect water temperature and flow every time. And with an interactive LED mirror, you can check your schedule, the weather, and traffic—all while brushing your teeth.

Ready to live in a home designed for your lifestyle?

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