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Remodeling projects for the kitchen and bathroom are different than for most other rooms in the house.

In addition to the regular issues of paint colors, flooring, and window treatments, kitchens and bathrooms have cabinetry, plumbing, work areas, and storage needs that have to be addressed. The design has to be a balance of aesthetics and function. A properly designed space can make working in the kitchen more enjoyable and an inviting bathroom makes getting ready for work a little easier.

Since proper design is critical to the success of a kitchen or bathroom project, Momentum Construction utilizes a design/build approach. This means we are responsible for creating the design as well as delivering the finished project.

Momentum Construction is the place to start your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project because we design it and we build it. We handle our clients’ projects from beginning to end.

Our unique background in engineering, project management, and residential construction allows us to deliver projects with unparalleled quality and attention to detail. We serve as our clients‘ single point of contact throughout the entire project, taking full responsibility for project results.

One question clients frequently ask is “how long will this take?” There are many factors that influence a project’s duration. There are two main parts of the project –  design and construction. The project design phase generally takes approximately six to ten weeks and is discussed further later.

Once construction starts, standard projects generally take eight to ten weeks. The overall length of the project is heavily influenced by the scope (what is going to be done) and complexity (relocating appliances for example). Our use of subcontractors allows us to allocate extra resources to help shorten time lines and keep our projects on schedule.

Style trends change over time and new products are introduced all the time. Remodeling allows you to update your kitchen or bathroom and incorporate new features and styles, and enhance the value of your home.

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