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University of Illinois graduate, Mike Smith took his first bicycle apart before he learned to ride it. That’s how he discovered his aptitude for creating things. Shortly after the bicycle incident, his father, a DIYer, started locking his tool box to stop his constant tinkering. Fortunately Mike had a mentor earlier in his career who insisted that every engineer who designed something had to be involved in implementing it. That approach reinforced his conviction that the best designers can build and the best builders can design. This design and build philosophy became a cornerstone for Momentum Construction.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith, CEO

"I love detail, form and function, and love working with my hands. So I’ve crafted a solid kitchen & bath design + build business — going strong since 2006."

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Engineering starts with a problem that leads to ideas. The best ideas become design. We get the materials, manages scheduling and completes the project. Our Designed for You™ process follows this path.

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We design + build from concept to clean up

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A good design process saves money

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We define your project before implementing

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We create functionally designed spaces