Latest Projects

Our dedication to superior customer service and a high work ethic have earned us the respect of our clients and of others in the remodeling industry.

The Kids Bathroom

When the kids come home from soccer practice or finish mowing the yard, they’re able to use this bathroom in the basement to clean up without tracking dirt through the house.  The lighting and color selections keep the space bright.  The flooring is luxury vinyl tile – it’s a waterproof choice that was then installed throughout the basement creating a seamless space.  It might be for the kids, but it’s functional, resilient, and attractive enough for everyday use.

Master Bathroom for Living

In this project we didn’t change the floor plan, but made better use of the available space. Adding additional cabinetry created extra storage and using pocket doors made better use of the space. The bathroom is ready for the future with a curbless shower and a hand shower.

Elegant Master Bathroom

From cultured marble to real marble, this project created a classic looking bathroom. When standing in the entrance to the bathroom, the new free standing tub is the focal point that draws the eye through the space and into the private back yard.

Dunwoody Powder Room

Wall paper and avocado tile wainscot were clear indicators that it was time to update this bathroom. To make the space look bigger and improve accessibility we used a curbless shower pan. The hand held shower allows someone to shower while seated or make pet washing less of a chore.

Decatur Revived

This bathroom hadn’t been remodeled since the house was built in 1947. The room was small but we wanted to create a bathroom that had a more contemporary feeling and maximized the available space.

Classic Powder Room

This powder room had a good layout to start with, but was dated. We widened the entrance door, added a few inches of extra space around the toilet, and installed a curbless shower. The control valve is just inside the shower door where it can be adjusted from outside the shower and the hand held shower head allows someone to shower while sitting.

California Touch

We optimized the available space enlarging the shower and closet. The custom vanity provides significantly more storage and outlets were installed in the cabinets for electric tooth brushes and cell phones. A deep whirlpool tub with a heater, towel warmer and heated floor will keep the owners toasty on the coldest of winter mornings.

Place for Everything

For this project we rearranged the bathroom to make better use of the existing space. The room had been remodeled once before and the layout left the space feeling closed and cramped. By changing the locations for the tub, vanity, and shower, the vanity storage was significantly increased and the space feels more connected.