Work Zone Example

Work Zone Example

What does it mean to design a kitchen with work zones?

This is an actual example from a project.  As you can see below, the original kitchen was designed around the work triangle

We created an initial design based on this layout and the input of the owner. This design had a lack of space adjacent to the cook top and the dishwasher door couldn’t be opened if someone was cooking (remember the multiple cook design concept).

In the final design, we moved the ovens from the old work triangle area and set up a baking zone that shared space with beverage center. The dishwasher was moved from the left side of the sink to the right side so it wouldn’t interfere with cook top. By using an oven with a convection microwave, we were able to locate the microwave close to the eating area.

And this is what it looks like when all the pieces are pulled together. The cook top anchors one work zone.

This work zone has the oven, wine refrigerator, and main refrigerator with a counter top space that ties them together. You can serve wine to guests, load groceries into the refrigerator, or set a hot casserole dish in this space using the same section of counter top.