That’s Entertainment Overview

That’s Entertainment

This project was designed around our client’s love of music. He had assembled a sizable collection of compact disks and vinyl albums but had no centralized place to store them much less play them. The main focus of the project was to build an entertainment system that was esthetically pleasing and maximized storage for the collection. The client also wanted the finish to match an existing piece of furniture that had a faux aged metallic look – an antique industrial look. Most cabinetry projects revolve around fitting the cabinets into the space, but this had the added complexity of trying to make sure the drawers were optimized to store the music collection. In the end we had space for over 2000 CD’s and hundreds of albums. The stereo equipment fits neatly in to the cabinets and all the wiring essentially is hidden. The finish is unique and takes on different luminosity depending on the angle of the light. And we installed a whole house music system that has enough storage so the collection can be digitized over time and enjoyed anywhere in the house.


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