Painted Cabinets

Painted Cabinets

Paint is not paint.  There are significant differences.

We often get calls about painting cabinets to update the look.  When we evaluate the possibility of upgrading the finish for our clients, we first evaluate the existing cabinets.  We consider the existing cabinet finish – are they thermofoil, stained, or painted?  Are they damaged and what will have to be repaired?

Given that they are suitable candidates for refinishing, there are a couple of ways to accomplish this, but in general – traditional latex or oil based household paint is not what should be used on cabinets.  We have seen many homes where the owner brought in a house painter to paint the cabinets and within a few years, the finish was already looking very worn.  And this in turn makes the room look run down.

If a client is going to stay in their home, then we recommend using cabinet grade finishes when we repaint.  When the cabinets were painted in the factory, the manufacturer used a catalyzed or conversion finish.  There are minor differences from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the essence of the matter is the finish is mixed with a catalyst to help it harden.  Technicians – or robots – are trained on how to spray the material to get an even finish.

When painting cabinets in a home, we use the same catalyzed materials and a skilled technician to spray the existing cabinets after they are properly prepared.  The result is a cabinet that looks and lasts like it has a factory finish. 

There is a incremental additional cost for using a factory grade painting process but the trade off is a finish that will last years longer than a standard house paint grade finish and look better.

Since proper design is critical to the success of a kitchen or bathroom project, Momentum Construction utilizes a design/build approach. This means we are responsible for creating the design as well as delivering the finished project.  Momentum Construction is the place to start your kitchen or bathrrom remodeling project because it’s Designed for you™ from begining to end.

If you are looking to update your kitchen and trying to decide what to do with your cabinets, please check out our portfolio or give us a call at (404) 551-4367.

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