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What’s the Standard Kitchen or Bathroom Cost?

I’m often asked what the “standard” bathroom or kitchen remodeling project will cost and to be honest, that’s roughly the equivalent to asking what a standard car costs. And just like the “average” car will most likely not meet your needs, in all probability, neither will the average kitchen or bathroom project. What is standard […]
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When is an Appliance not an Appliance?

When a double oven is where you store the potato chips because it hasn’t worked for three years. When the refrigerator is so noisy that holding a conversation at the dinner table becomes an exercise in shouting. Often kitchen appliances have a life span of 15 to 20 years which coincides fairly well with the […]
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Design is Key for Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

One reason for design documents is that they create a bridge between what our clients want and our tradesman that build the project.  Design documents create a common language for the project.  In the process of creating the design documents, our clients have an active role by discussing their requirements and making material selections.  Once […]
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The 12th Time is the Charm

We had a husband and wife that interviewed 11 other contractors before calling us for their bathroom project.  They knew that their current master bathroom wasn’t working for them, but had no idea of what they wanted – even after talking to 11 other contractors.   Their existing space was small and the owners were […]
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Safety First – Why Customers Should Care

Safe work practices is one of things separate construction professionals from the rest of the crowd. While the some of the choices are for comfort, steel toed shoes are for safety.  There are a pair of earplugs close at hand.  Safety glasses have never been fashionable.  And the list goes on.   Ok … so […]
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Minimizing the Impact of Construction

Remodeling projects can be disruptive to daily routines and kitchens and bathrooms are areas where homeowners spend a good part of their day. When the rooms are under construction, it’s important to make sure the impact is minimized.   Our planning and design phase helps us identify potential problems before construction begins. This allows us […]
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