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Custom and Quality are not Synonymous

There is the perception that custom cabinets are better made than stock cabinets. On more than one occasion I have had clients ask for custom cabinets in situations when they aren’t necessary.   The truth of the matter is that how a cabinet is made has the biggest impact on the quality and longevity of […] read more

Place for Everything

For this project we rearranged the bathroom to make better use of the existing space. The room had been remodeled once before and the layout left the space feeling closed and cramped. By changing the locations for the tub, vanity, and shower, the vanity storage was significantly increased and the space feels more connected. [contentdivider] […] read more

How Cabinets Are Made Matters

We have all heard of the old adage “beauty is only skin deep”. It’s the same with cabinetry. In this case a client asked us to repair a cabinet where the back had failed resulting in the cabinet pulling away from the wall.   Often with cabinetry, the only thing that is considered is how […] read more

Bringing It Together

Our focus with this project was to bring together three disjoint spaces. The owner had a beautiful outdoor living area, sun room, and a kitchen that just didn’t flow together. By removing walls, changing the sun room door, and removing the grids from the windows, the spaces are tied together and create a open, inviting […] read more

Master Bathroom for Living

In this project we didn’t change the floor plan, but made better use of the available space. Adding additional cabinetry created extra storage and using pocket doors made better use of the space. The bathroom is ready for the future with a curbless shower and a hand shower. [contentdivider] Gallery [h6]Click on a photo below […] read more

Why Liability Insurance Is Important

The small details make a big difference.     One detail thats often overlooked by homeowners is making sure that their contractors carry liability insurance.  It is amazing that a contractor is required to have a business license and a contractor’s license to pull a permit, but not insurance.  Whether it’s your plumber, roofer, or […] read more

A Kitchen Designed for the Whole Family

One kitchen trend that isn’t often thought about is designing kitchens around the whole family. The emphasis is to create kitchens where not only Mom and Dad can work, but also the children. In one design there was a second children’s kitchen complete with appliances – and the owners children even decorated the room.   […] read more

Executing Kitchen and Bath Projects

We employ subcontractors to execute projects and I thought I would explain why this is important to our clients.   Delivery of a kitchen or bathroom project involves framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, tile, hardwood flooring, finish carpentry, counter top fabrication … well you get the idea.  There are dozens of specialized skills that are involved […] read more

Mass, Direction, and Speed – Momentum

You may be wondering about the company name.  Well, I hope I don’t bring back any high school physics class nightmares, but momentum is defined as mass times velocity.  Velocity is the combination of direction and speed.  There is nothing worse than heading off in the wrong direction at a high rate of speed.   […] read more
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