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Momentum Construction

We handle our clients’ projects from concept to clean up, answering their questions in plain English. Our unique background in engineering, project management, and residential construction allows us to deliver projects with unparalleled quality and attention to detail. We serve as our clients’ single point of contact throughout the entire project, taking full responsibility for project results.

When you take your bicycle apart before you learn to ride it, there’s a good chance you’ll grow up to be an engineer. Mike Smith discovered his aptitude for building things (and for taking them apart) at a young age. A hobby of building model cars and airplanes capitalized on his ability to see the pieces and design the whole. His love of detail, of form and function, and working with his hands led him to earn a degree in engineering from the University of Illinois.  Early in his career, a mentor insisted that he be involved in the implementation of his design. That approach reinforced Mike’s conviction that the best designers can build and the best builders can design. The design + build philosophy became a cornerstone in Mike’s kitchen & bath business and it has been going strong since 2006.
Mike understands that the distance between envisioning and delivering a perfect kitchen can be measured in mere inches. His signature Designed for You™ process takes an engineering approach to design. Engineering starts with a problem that leads to ideas and the best idea becomes a design. Add a top-notch project manager to get the materials, manage the schedule and the people, and the result is project excellence.
Momentum Construction is another beautiful thing designed and built by Mike Smith. We’d love the opportunity to work with you, please take a moment to look through our portfolio to see the dreams we’ve built for others

Single point of contact, one company who’s responsible
from design to clean-up

Momentum Construction is a design/build remodeling company. By working with one company for design and build you get:

Fewer mistakes resulting from miscommunication

We pride ourselves in keeping you up-to-date throughout the entire project.

Lower Overall Costs

Faster Project Delivery

Higher Return Value

The traditional approach to construction is to have one, or more, companies design the space. For a project there might be an interior designer, an architectural firm, and the construction company involved in the design of the project.


With our design/build process we generally complete the design with our client’s input and our design staff. If the project has unusual requirements or needs special expertise, we can engage with our partners such as architects, master kitchen designers, or interior decorators, as needed to create outstanding designs. The design team is the right size for the project and resources are not wasted.

And since Momentum Construction is responsible for the design, you won’t get caught between multiple companies, each blaming the other if something doesn’t take place as you expect.

We work directly with you to create the design


We answer your questions in plain English, listen to your ideas and offer a few of our own. By involving you in the design process, we’re able to understand what features are important to you. The result is a project that addresses your needs and wants, allowing us to deliver the highest value.


One output of the design is a rendering for your reference. This functions as a visual representation of the final result and helps you feel comfortable with your purchasing decision. Having your design rendering to refer back to also allows you to understand where the costs go and to track our progress.


We minimize the impact of the renovation on your family


We view your house as your home—not as our construction site. We clean up at the end of each day. We control and isolate dust. We protect your floors with hardboard protection in high traffic areas instead of just rosin paper. We limit access to your home by holding the keys. We always ask and never assume.


We’re professional—in every sense of the word


We’re certified, licensed, bonded and insured, but our true professionalism comes from a philosophy of doing business that embodies our commitment to excellence. We uphold a set of character strengths and seek these in our sub-contractors, suppliers and clients:

  • We respect your home
  • We respect your time
  • We share the good news and don’t avoid the bad news
  • We’re prepared for the unexpected